It is human to wrestle with failure. We are told it’s avoidable at all costs. However, today I am telling that it’s sometimes fruitful to acknowledge failure and let life go on Why struggle with it while you can make your life work somewhere else?

It’s time to recognize the courage of the companies that filed for chapter 11, chapter 7 i.e. ¬†bankruptcy or liquidation to move to another line of business. Embracing failure transforms the individual or an organization. It is a tough situation to go through but it provides a different mostly efficient future outlook.

See for example a list of 11 largest corporations that had the courage to file for bankruptcy in history:

Pacific Gas & Electric Co

Pacific Gas & Electric Co

Filed Chapter 11: 2001

Thornburg Mortgage —Filed Chapter 11: May 2009

MF Global Filed Chapter 11: Oct 31 2011



Filed Chapter 11: 2002

More bankrupted companies

Also retailers who went bust as of this year


− 1 = seven