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Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Your life means a lot, reclaim it, value it.

BusinessTwist: Throttling unlimited data to boost profits

Maximizing profits. Maximizing revenues and other business jargons are used by respectable business at the expense of their customers. For example, Verizon did it again this year. It is not only them but also T-Mobile,...

Reclaim our cherished future

Happy new week from FutureTwist, an OpportuTech, LLC venture. We are all excited about the future. We are entertained by horoscopes, predictions, prophecies, numerology, etc. We feel good about the people who promise us heaven...
Reclaim our future

Shaping the Future

Dear Visitor, We welcome you to this website as you explore your involvement in shaping your own future and that of your folks. Believe it or not, we all play a role to determine our destiny....